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This Is My Life, Let Me Live It DVD

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This Is My Life, Let Me Live It DVD by Gary Null
Today, more than at any time in our modern history, a growing number of people are facing future uncertainty in our stimulus driven culture. As a result we gorge ourselves on junk food for the mind by seeking comforts and avoiding displeasure that are only transient and temporary. Yet this does not satisfying the deeper hunger for genuine happiness and well-being that cannot be bought or sold. Authentic calm and peace with ourselves can only be found internally, never from looking outside ourselves. 


In this lecture, Dr. Gary Null takes us on a journey to investigate the nature of our desires and wishes so we may discern whether they are genuine or a hoax. He speaks about the need to empty ourselves of unwanted expectations and to arrive at a deeper purpose in our lives. This includes the illusions of our false beliefs that we grasp onto as if they were real. Finally, we are provided with tools and insights challenge our assumptions and arrive at a realization that our essential self is far greater than what might simply imagine. 


Run Time: 1hr 30min

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