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The 13th Step DVD

Product Description
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Over 100 million Americans suffer from some form of major addiction. Most of us have heard of various 12-step programs for overcoming such addictions as alcoholism, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, overeating, and unfit lifestyles. While these 12-step programs have had modest success at treating these addictions, they often fail to address the underlying cause of all addiction. In this video production recorded before a live studio audience, self-empowerment speaker Gary Null discusses the root cause of addiction, as well as the vital 13th Step necessary to overcome it. According to Null, the true cause of addictive behavior is the poor choices that we make in life. These poor choices - such as: spending more than we have, staying in bad relationships, or failing to take care of ourselves - cause frustration, anger, negativity and low self-esteem. This in turn leads us to engage in self-destructive behaviors. By examining our choices in life, however, and making important changes, we can increase our energy, positive attitude, and confidence. Only then can we truly address our self-destructive addictions, and overcome them naturally and effectively. In this production, Gary Null provides the transformational 13th Step for making better choices in life, eliminating negativity and hostility, and overcoming addictions naturally and without struggle.

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