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Rescue & Hope: Detox from Covid Vaccines 2 DVD Set

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Rescue & Hope: Detox from Covid Vaccines 2 DVD Set

The emergence of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has challenged our medical knowledge and national preparedness for confronting viral pandemics and treating infections. Throughout the three-years of the Covid-19 contagion, we have witnessed repeated failure after failure by our health officials and the pharmaceutical industry to successfully lessen the pandemic's impact. There have been serious boondoggles in treatment with catastrophic consequences, and it is now widely accepted that the Covid-19 vaccines, especially the mRNA vaccines, are ineffective in preventing infection and transmission. New SARS-2 variants elude vaccination.

However, during the early months of the pandemic, clinical and emergency room physicians found cheap and highly effective drugs and certain nutrients to treat Covid-19 infections with great ease and high success rates. Since then, we know much more about Covid-19 treatments as new remedies that target the SARS-2 virus have been discovered. In addition, for many patients, SARS-2 infections leave lingering symptoms, now commonly called “long haul Covid,” which includes fatigue, cognitive fog, memory loss, and physical weakness. Finally, the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines have a high rate of serious adverse effects such as abnormal blood clotting, cardiovascular disease, hormonal disruption, and symptoms very similar to “long haul Covid.”

Rescue and Hope: Detox from Covid & Vaccines is a comprehensive presentation of remedies and scientifically validated protocols for treating SARS-2 infections, reversing “long haul Covid” symptoms and ways to detox ourselves from Covid-19’s toxicity. The documentary features some of the nation’s most important medical voices challenging the official pandemic narrative and who have been at the cutting edge of treating Covid-19 infections and their symptoms. The film provides crucial information for everyone to be best prepared in the event of contracting the virus and if forced to take a Covid-19 vaccine.

Special guests include:

Robert Malone, MD, Developer of mRNA vaccine delivery platform
Peter McCullough, MD, Cardiologist & Epidemiologist
Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Integrative Medical Physician, Founder, AM Medical
Pierre Kory, MD, Co-Founder, Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance
Paul Marik, MD, Co-Founder, Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance
Bruce Curtis, MA, Founder & President, Living Foods USA
Henry Grayson, PhD, Integrative Psychotherapist

Executive Producer & Director: Gary Null, Ph.D.
Co-Producers: Richard Gale, Roland Marconi
Editor: Roland Marconi
Camera: Roland Marconi
Technical Assistance: Melanie Brensinger, Phil DeRossi

 2 DVDs

4 hours 7 minutes


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