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Regaining Your Spiritual Authenticity DVD

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Reconnect With The Sacredness Of Life

This is continuation of the Gary Null, Ph.D self-empowerment series. In this in-depth, original film, Gary addresses just what is is to be authentic, how to become your true self and connect with the sacredness of life. 


Gary looks at the world around us, at extreme materialism, narcissism, poverty, militarization, privatization, the global health crisis, the climate crisis, and he explains how we got to this point, and what we need to do to shift from this paradigm, into a higher state of truth and consciousness.


He leads the viewer through the maze and out again, leaving them with a sense of understanding of where they have come from, and  how they are going forward to create the future, connected once again to the sacredness of life.

Run Time: 1hr 23min

Executive Producer, Writer, and Director: Gary Null

Producer and Editor: Valerie Van Cleve

Camera: Chris Frierson

In this video lecture, Dr. Gary Null directly confronts the fundamental problem underlying our personal lives, our culture, education system and government: the illusion of duality. For too long, living in duality has led to numerous choices that have led us down wrong paths and have adversely affected our lives. Only by directly observing how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are grounded in a false sense of separateness can we move from duality to unity. This journey begins by making a commitment to make choices that honor our authentic self, our well-being and health. This is the path for taking ownership of our spiritual authenticity and to reconnect with the sacredness of the world that surrounds us.

During this hour and 24 minute lecture, Dr. Null explains the paradoxes and confusion we confront when dualism dominates our lives, how we are epigenetically conditioned physically and psychologically from our past experiences and traumas, how to reclaim our passion for life rather than living through the lives and expectations of others, and learning to surrender self-centered individual truths for universal truths. To understand and recognize the dysfunctions that arise from duality immunizes us from the social and political infirmities that keep our minds compulsively occupied daily with the mainstream media, entertainment and the pursuit for a false security.  This is the adventure for regaining our spiritual authenticity so we can be part of the solutions to the world's problems rather than one of its victims.



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