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Rejuvenate Now! - 4 CD Set

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The Promising Future of Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-aging and regenerative medicine has made great strides during the past decade to discover the biomolecular mechanisms that cause us to age and to develop new therapeutic modalities that can reverse cellular deterioration and treat disease. Many of these new therapies to optimize health are completely natural and don’t require designer drugs, medications or surgery. Although the science of this new medical paradigm has yet to be embraced by conventional medicine, the scientific research shows that a new way to prevent and treat disease is on the horizon that could make Big Pharma-based medicine obsolete. 

This special and exclusive 4-audio CD collection offers Gary Null’s conversations with a diverse group of anti-aging physicians, scientists and researchers who are at the forefront for pioneering a natural, alternative solutions for reserving cellular aging. You will hear about the latest advances in nutraceutical science, stem cell therapy and aesthetic and regenerative medicine that prove we can age without feeling older and less vital about ourselves. 

CD 1 Cellular Aging and Benefits of Nutraceuticals
Michael Smith MD, Senior Scientist at Life Extension Foundation, Author of The Supplemental Pyramid

CD 2 Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Regenerative Medicine
Sharon McQuillan MD, Aesthetic Surgeon, Founder of the Ageless Regenerative Institute 

CD 3 Healthy, Natural Approaches for Disease Prevention
Julian Whitaker MD, Board Certified Physician, Founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute and the California Orthomolecular Medical Society
Diet and Nutrients for Anti-Aging
Hans Kugler PhD, President and Founder of the International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 

CD 4 The Science of Optimal and Regenerative Medicine for Anti-Aging 
Ron Shane PhD, Anti-Aging Scholar and Researcher at the University of California Age Management Medical Group in San Diego

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