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Preventing and Reversing Disease Naturally, DVD Set

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Preventing & Reversing Diabetes Naturally - 3 DVD Set 

Preventing & Reversing Cancer Naturally - 2 DVD Set 

Cancer Can't Kill You ...Unless You Let It!
INSIDE: Powerful new cancer treatments they don’t teach in U.S. medical schools, but which are saving millions of lives in England, France, Germany and more than 180 countries throughout the world – A Gary Null “Advance News” Medical Report.

Cancer is projected to be the number one cause of death worldwide by the year 2010. This frightening disease can affect anyone at any time in their lives. The terror, confusion and physiological deterioration that Cancer causes devastate not only those who are afflicted by it but everyone in their lives as well.

Everyone needs to arm themselves with the right information to help to protect them against this dreaded disease.

Join Gary Null Ph.D. and the world’s leading Alternative Cancer Experts to learn powerful strategies to prevent or reverse Cancer.

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety Naturally - 4 DVD Set (Extended Edition) 

Depression and Anxiety affect millions of people worldwide and the rates of these conditions are increasing every day. These conditions can have extremely debilitating effects on those afflicted as well as their family, friends, co-workers and virtually everyone they encounter.

Countless prescriptions are written each day to treat those suffering from Depression and Anxiety often with terrible side effects and a limited if any therapeutic action. However, there are proven natural approaches that can dramatically help people suffering from Depression and Anxiety. Join Gary Null Ph.D. and the 14 of the world’s leading Integrative Medical Doctors and Psychologists to learn powerful strategies to overcome Depression and Anxiety naturally.

You’ll learn all about:
The Real Definition of Depression and Anxiety
The True Causes of Depression and Anxiety
Conventional Approaches to the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety
Powerful Natural and Holistic Treatments for Depression and Anxiety
How to Stay on Track and Feel Great

Reversing Heart Disease & Stroke Naturally DVD 

There are several risk factors for heart disease, and these are easily addressed, once we know what they are.These factors include simple measurements, such as waist measurement, C-Reactive protein, homocysteine, fibrinogen, and hemoglobin A1C levels, which can be done simply in your physician’s office. High blood pressure, stroke, arterial and atherosclerosis, plaque and myocardial myopathy are preventable and reversible.


Pain: A Natural Approach DVD 

From the minor muscle ache to an excruciating and throbbing headache – Pain is endemic in our society. Most Americans reach for something that gives temporary relief. But taking pills for pain does not resolve the underlying causes. So at best we have momentary reprieves from our suffering.

Now, the good news: there are multiple, non-toxic, non-invasive therapies that deal with cause as well as symptomatic relief.
• Shiatsu 
• Trager 
• Guided Imagery 
• Rolfing 
• Acupuncture 
• Cranial Sacral Therapy 
• Herbs 
• Magnet Therapy 
• Vitamins & Supplements


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