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Pain: A Natural Approach DVD

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From the minor muscle ache, to the excruciating and throbbing headache – Pain is endemic in our society. Most Americans reach for something that gives temporary relief. But taking pills for pain does not resolve the underlying causes. So at best we have momentary reprieves from our suffering.

Message from Dr. Gary Null:

Now, the good news: there are multiple, non-toxic, non-invasive therapies that deal with cause as well as symptomatic relief.
• Shiatsu
• Trager
• Guided Imagery
• Rolfing
• Acupuncture
• Cranial Sacral Therapy
• Herbs
• Magnet Therapy
Vitamins & Supplements

“In this country, we need a different approach to the treatment of acute and chronic pain. We need to go from treating just the symptoms and giving the patient a pill, to treating the patient in terms of the whole body, and even a whole mind approach and treating them more holistically in the future.”
- Charles Kaplan, M.D., Founder/Director, NY Center for Pain Management

“Herbs are used to affect pain because they eliminate the underlying problems that keep the pain there.”
- Letha Hadady, Herbologist

“Pain is a messenger, we don’t want to kill the messenger, FIND THE CAUSE!.”
- Jim Joseph, Health Consultant

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