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Overcoming Fatigue: A Natural Approach DVD

Product Description

Millions of Americans are actually living only a percentage of their lives, waking up each morning without the energy to really live life at full tilt. They are happy just to get through each day.

What is fatigue? Is it something we ate? Some say it is normal to be tired after a big meal. We believe being tired is part of the natural progression of aging. This video addresses all aspects of fatigue from just being tired on a normal day to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fatigue as a symptom of certain underlying conditions of disease.

We define the cause of fatigue, show you different techniques for diagnosis, how you can evaluate your energy status, and finally we explain the treatments and therapies for fatigue, many of which you can do on your own.

You will see that fatigue is not necessary, as some doctors believe it is, and that it can be healed naturally and entirely without drugs, so that you can have access to that energy that once was yours.

Message from Director Dr. Gary Null:

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