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I'm Not Finished Yet DVD

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America has digressed to little more than an overvalued service industry for the broken and wounded bodies, minds and souls of its citizens. People's addictions to their insecurities has led to them living humdrum predictable existences. As a consequence, habits of stagnant complacency have disarmed their capacity to make positive change and move beyond the self-conditioned obstacles that stand between making wise, constructive decisions and the dreariness of monotony. Once we can individually take a stand and declare that our lives are not finished then the purpose and meaning of life is reinvigorated and we will move forward.

In this video lecture, Dr. Gary Null presents the fundamental unconscious dynamics that undermine and enfeeble our personal lives. These dynamics keep us frozen in our self-inflicted insecurities and thereby blind us from our innate potential to make wise choices. Dr. Null takes us on a journey beginning with our seeing past the veils of structural social control and the powerful forces that are perfectly content if we simply age miserably. Other topics include overcoming the fear of loss, distancing ourselves from impulsive conditionings of the past, being present without losing sight of the future, and the art of discernment--distinguishing meaningful truths from programmed falsehoods. 

Regardless of one's age, I'm Not Finished Yet addresses every person who has lost a sense of direction and meaningfulness in life. This is not a clarion call to force change; instead, we must first be open to change. Only then will our authentic self blossom forth and witness life anew. The self-empowering wisdom brought forth in this lecture will provide the tools to transform change itself into an intimate friend that can guide us to genuine well being. 

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