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How To Overcome Our Dysfunction DVD

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Gary Null unravels the many causes behind our living out-of balance with ourselves and others. Living a disharmonious life leads to a plethora of dysfunctions: addictive behavior, compulsions, mood swings in depression and anxiety, irrational risk-taking and eventually illness. Today, forty percent of small businesses are closing. People are living sequestered at home in fear of a virus.  There is also an environmental crisis underway and financial security in the future seems uncertain. Sadly the majority of people do not have a Plan B to turn towards. Consequently dysfunction has become a pattern in most people's lives.

Understanding the roots of dysfunction is critical today. As with Dr. Null's other self-empowerment videos, this presentation is about empowering ourselves to reclaim our lives.  Only by fully embracing our essential self and personal value can we overcome the dysfunctions that prevent us from experiencing life in its fullness. 

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