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Honor Your Self: Rebalancing Your Life Energy DVD

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More than 200 million Americans are suffering from some sort of disease or medical condition at a cost of two trillion dollars per year. The conventional medical model shows no hope in curing, and little hope of improving, most of these medical problems. In fact, conventional pharmaceutical approaches to curing disease very often exacerbate the very problems they are supposed to cure, or create other new medical problems that were not there previously.

Honor Your Self focuses on the significance of how our mind and thoughts impact the functioning of our bodies. Our beliefs, either in balance or out of balance, and our attitudes about our lives and environment are some of the most important factors affecting overall health. How does positive thinking make us healthier? What are the critical links between our thoughts and our bodies?

Do certain attitudes and approaches to life help us fight disease and live longer more productive lives? We believe that these vital answers will help lead viewers to make better choices about their health, and to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. By presenting novel and critical approaches to health from a refreshing variety of important multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Honor Yourself goes beyond the usual restricted bounds of traditional medicine today.

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