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Change Your Life DVD

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In this presentation, Dr. Gary Null challenges us to take a thorough and mindful existential overview of our lives in order to begin making the fundamental changes that will lead us from a past of dissatisfaction to a future of genuine well being. How do we discern and choose what is most essential for fueling our life journey on earth to discover such genuine well-being? Before we can successfully make any fundamentally new and healthier change, we need to first investigate and comprehend how much we have filled ourselves with mental and emotional attachments, aversions, and false assumptions and biases based upon our reifying delusional hopes and fears. We discover these are utterly unnecessary. Carrying around false illusions about ourselves and others are responsible for our feelings of dissatisfaction and sense of unworthiness.

Dr. Null begins by guiding us in the necessity of emptying ourselves of everything negative in our lives – conceptual ideas and beliefs, and cognitive and emotional obstructions – that lead to a sense of inadequacy and keep us captive in repeatedly compensating for their detrimental effects. It is this deeper sense of inadequacy that paralyzes us from placing a foot forward towards making constructive change.  During these teachings, we learn the principles and strategies to discern clearly that which is missing from our lives and then the value and discipline behind sacrificing the negative in order to find authentic meaning with a purpose.

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