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Gary’s Legacy of Political Activism: 45 years serving the public good

Exposing the politics/ conflicts of interest in the fields of health, science, & the environment


7 Reasons to Never Use Smart Meters.PRN.160614.docx
Cancer1.The Great Cancer Fraud.PH-PolCan1.79Sep.pdf
Cancer2.The Suppression of Cancer Cures.Burzynski.PH-PolCan2.79Oct.pdf
Cancer3.Alternative Cancer Therapies.PH-PolCan3.79Nov.pdf
Cancer4.Suppression of New Cancer Therapies-Dr Joseph Gold, Hydrazine Sulfate.PH-PolCan4.80Jan.pdf
Cancer5.Suppression of New Cancer Therapies.Dr Lawrence Burton-PH-PolCan5.80Jul.pdf
Cancer6.Suppression of Alternative Cancer Therapies-Dr Josef Issles.PH-PolCan6.80Aug.pdf
Caveat Emptor.771201.GN-Rape of the Soil.pdf
Caveat Emptor.780801.GN-Pesticides.pdf
Cell Phone.Radiating Corruption.PRN.160121.docx
Chiropractic.Health Care Without Drugs.CaveatEmptor.1980.pdf
Fascism in Medicine.Speech.94May15.docx
Fatal Fallout-The Dangers of Ionizing Radiation.2002.PRN.110317.pdf
Flouride.The Flouride Controversy Continues- An Update Pt1.Townsend.02Dec.pdf
Fluoridation.Stop Fluoridation Now.Townsend.05Apr.pdf
Fluoridation-Medicating Our Drinking Water.1.Townsend.10Nov.docx
Fluoridation-Medicating Our Drinking Water.2.Townsend.10Dec.docx
Fluoridation-Medicating Our Drinking Water.3.Townsend.11Jan.docx
Fluoride.The Fluoridation Fiasco.Townsend.96AugSep.docx
Fluoride.The Fluoride Controversy Continues.1.Townsend.02Dec.doc
Fluoride.The Fluoride Controversy Continues.2.Townsend.03Jan.doc
Fluoride.The Fluoride Controversy Continues.3.Townsend.03Feb.doc
Fluoride-The Deadly Legacy.110103.rtf
Free Radicals.The Oxygen Battlefield.Townsend.95FebMar.pdf
Gardasil-Child Abuse by Big Pharma.Townsend.14FebMar.docx
Glyphosate.17 Reasons to Say No--160623.pdf
GMO.44 Reasons to Ban or Label GMOs.PRN.151104.docx
GMO.Big Agriculture and GMOs-The New Walking Dead.PRN.141022.docx
GMO.Food Fascists-GMO & Pesticide Manufacturers Down & Dirty.Townsend.15Jan.docx
GMO.Seeds of Death.130524.docx
GMO.The Global GMO Food War Against Humanity.141118.PRN.docx
Gulf War Syndrome-A Deadly Legacy.Townsend.11Jul.pdf
Gulf War.Immune Augmentation Therapy for Gulf War Syndrome.Townsend.98Apr.pdf
Gulf War.The Gulf War Syndrome- Causes and Coverup.Penthouse.94Sep.pdf
Gulf War.The Gulf War's Troubling Legacy Pt1.Townsend.98AugSep.pdf
Gulf War.The Gulf War's Troubling Legacy Pt2.Townsend.98Oct.pdf
Gulf War's Disease Legacy Lingers.MediaBypass.98Sep.pdf
Iatrogenic Illness.100201.pdf
Iatrogenic.05#1.JOrthoMed.Death by Medicine.pdf
Iatrogenic.040801.Nexus.Death By Medicine.pdf
Iatrogenic.050901.LifeExtension.Prescription for Disaster.pdf
Iatrogenic.820601.Bestways.The Truth About .... & Prescription Drugs.pdf
Iatrogenic.Medicine That Kills.PRN.160531.docx
Jimmy Carter.Caveat Emptor.761101.Consumer Issues.pdf
Legislation.Death of AMA Backed PepperBil...Freedom.85AprQ.pdf
Legislation.The Pepper Bill....WholeLife.85Apr.pdf
Menopause, Natural Therapies For.Holistic Med.96Spr.pdf
Mercury Dental Amalgams-Analyzing the Debate.Townsend.92AugSep.pdf
Mercury Dental Amalgams-The Controversy Continues.JOrthoMed.02Spr.pdf
Mercury Treaty.docx
Mercury-Dental-Amalgams-The Controversy- Continues.doc
Monsanto's Sealed Documents Reveal....PRN150911.docx
Nuclear Power.Natural Living.NewFrontier.89Jun.pdf
Nuclear Power-A Volatile Issue.WholeLife.87JunJul.pdf
Nutritional Supplement Proven To Eradicate HPV.140324.docx
Pesticides.What You Sow...CaveatEmptor.78Aug.pdf
PH MedGen1.85Sep.A Prescription for Disaster.pdf
PH MedGen2.Chiropractic.The War on Chiropractic.J.pdf
PH MedGen3.Chiropractic.Painful Treatment.85Nov.pdf
PH MedGen4.AIDS.The AIDS Cover-Up.85Dec.pdf

PH MedGen5.Heart.The Profits and Politics of Heart Disease.86Jan.pdf
PH MedGen6.Chelation Therapy-A Treatment Under Siege.86Feb.pdf
PH MedGen7.Cancer.The Vendetta Against Dr Burton.86Mar.pdf
PH MedGen8.Cancer Gerson.Diet-The Secret of Life.86Apr.pdf
PH MedGen9.Homeopathy.Natural Healers- A Reborn Therapy.86May.pdf
PH MedGen10.Cancer.A Billion-Dollar Boondoggle.86Dec.pdf
PH MedGen11.Arthritis.The Crippling of America.87Feb.pdf
PH MedGen12.AIDS.The AIDS Panic.87Apr.pdf

PH MedGen13.AIDS.The Secret Battle Against AIDS.87Jun.pdf
PH MedGen14.Diet.Eat to Live.87Jul.pdf
PH MedGen15.Human Guinea Pigs Pt1.87Sep.pdf
PH MedGen16.Human Guinea Pigs Pt2.87Oct.pdf
PH MedGen17.Vaccine Victims.Human Guinea Pigs3.87Dec.pdf
PH MedGen18.Military Guinea Pigs.88Mar.pdf
PH MedGen19.The Politics of Psychiatry.88Jul.pdf
PH MedGen20.A Balanced Life.Alternate Treatment for Mental Illness.88Aug.pdf
PH MedGen21.AIDS-A Man-Made Plague.89Jan.pdf
PH MedGen22.AIDS.New AIDS Advances.89Mar.pdf
PH MedGen23.Vaccines.Deadly Vaccines.Jun90.pdf
PH MedGen24.Fluoride.The Politics of Water.91Sep.pdf
PH MedGen25.Radiation.Fatal Fallout.92Sep.pdf
PH MedGen26.Cancer.Hope Heartbreak and Horror.93Apr.pdf
Politics of Medicine Pt 1 Death by Medicine.120402.docx
Politics of Medicine Pt II FDA Pimping for Big Pharma.120402.docx
Politics of Medicine Pt III Scientific Studies or a License to Kill revised 120402.docx
Pope Francis and Saving the Planet One Meal at a Time.150701.PRN.docx 




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