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Autism: Made in the USA

Product Description
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From the award-winning director of Vaccine Nation, The Drugging of our Children, and Prescription for Disaster, comes a feature-length documentary exploring the causes and solutions for the recent epidemic of autism in our children.

In this pioneering educational film, Gary Null interviews leading experts on autism
and presents a full spectrum of medical and scientific views, both orthodox and
non-traditional, to get at the real reasons behind this childhood affliction.

In this film you will:

  • Explore environmental factors such as mercury, aluminum, viruses, and other toxins contained in the 40-odd vaccines that the CDC mandates children receive, including uncovering the cover-up of the vaccine/autism connection 
  • Evaluate potential causes of and solutions to autism surrounding prenatal factors, weakened childhood immune systems, the inability of some children to excrete heavy metals, and reactions to foods and environmental toxins such as pesticides and electromagnetic frequencies
  • Examine successful biomedical treatments including special dietary approaches, vitamin supplementation, as well as detoxification and homeopathic therapies
  • Follow Dr. Null as he takes his cameras directly into the homes of autistic children, and observe them and their symptoms, and see their parents and how they are coping
  • Witness first-hand children’s dramatic improvement in symptoms and, in some cases, full recoveries from autism

Join Gary Null in this provocative exploration of autism and follow compelling human interest stories of heartbreak, outrage and, ultimately, hope.     Running Time: 101 minutes

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