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HEALTHY LIVING — how to boost immune system

L-Carnosine ‘Longevity Molecule'

L-Carnosine ‘Longevity Molecule'

Know as the ‘Longevity Molecule’, L-Carnosine is a dipeptide of the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine. It is naturally produced by the body and is commonly found in the muscles when they are at work,  the brain, hear, liver and many other important organs. L-Carnosine levels decreases significantly with age starting at age 10 and can decrease up to 63% by the time you’re 70 years old.

Your brain uses L-Carnosine to repair damaged tissues and to clear away bad toxins. It also increases the energy output of the mitochondria. It also regulates the immune system by suppressing excess immune responses when the immune system is hyper and it increases / stimulates the immune response when the immune system is weak.

Health Benefits.


When taken by mouth, L-Carnosine can disrupt aging chemicals in the body. Back in 1965, a doctor by the name Leonard Hayflick discover that human cells have a limited capacity to divide. Human cells go through 3 phase within their existence. Mitosis (rapid cell division) is first, it then slows in phase 2 and eventually it gets to phase 3 which is also known as senescence (cells stop dividing completely). Eventually your cells commit suicide or apoptosis.

Every cell in your body goes through the same life cycle. Researchers in Sydney did an experience where they placed human cells in a petri dish with L-Carnosine and the cells reverted back to juvenile cells.


Taking L-Carnosine by mouth for 8 weeks may improve symptoms in children with autism.

Heart failure

Taking L-Carnosine by mouth for 6 months might help people with heart failure walk farther by helping the body take in more oxygen. This might also make people feel happier.

Other Benefits

Complications of diabetes.

Dry skin.

Exercise performance.


Memory loss with aging.




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