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Sexual Fulfillment - 5 CD Set

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Sexual Fulfillment - 5 CD Set

According to many contemporary psychologists, sex therapists and marriage counselors, American society’s obsession with sex is leading men and women further away from experiencing a more rewarding and fulfilling sexual life with a spouse or partner. Through the media, music and the big screen, sex is all around us, yet none of these outlets can provide the kind of sexual satisfaction that comes only with a radical change of perception in how we look upon sex and a lover.

This special and exclusive 5-audio CD collection offers Gary Null’s conversations with a diverse group of experts in the psychodynamics of sexual relationships and the sensual arts. Conducted as if it were a class-room, these dialogues will provide inspiration and insights into how to renew our sexual lives that will enable our relationships to blossom into a deeper expression of love, understanding and kindness.

Message from Director Dr. Gary Null:

CD1 An Integral Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to Sexuality
Gina Ogden PhD, Sex Therapist, Founder of ISIS Network, author of Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy

CD2 Relationship, Sexuality and Spirituality Series
Stuart Sovatsky PhD, Professor of Psychology, CIIS and author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy: The Yoga of Deep Tantric Sensuality

CD3 Spiritual Dimensions of Sexuality
Ehud Sperling, Founder of Inner Traditions International, co-author of For Seven Lifetimes: An East-West Journey to a Spiritually Fulfilling Marriage
The Prevailing, Adverse Myths About Women’s Sexuality
Diana Wiley PhD, Certified Sex Therapist and Marriage Counselor, Radio Host of Lust & Laughter

CD4 America’s Collapse of Healthy Relationships and Sexuality
Beatty Cohan, Psychotherapist, TV & Radio Host, Author of For Better, For Worse, Forever

CD5 The Life Transforming Power of Sacred Sexuality
John Maxwell Taylor, Playwright, Founder of Transformational Theater, Author of Eros Ascending: Life Transforming Power of Sacred Sexuality

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