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Honoring Our Spiritual Authenticity - 5 CD Set

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Honoring Our Spiritual Authenticity 5-CD Set The events on 911 not only marked a turning point in national and global governance, corporate power and national security, but also the start of a radical shift to define a mature, authentic spirituality from earlier adolescent belief systems. New perceptions and comprehensions of the sacred, which are more holistic and embodied, are growing and challenging the older religious beliefs that have been grounded in division and secularism for centuries. Today the demands for an authentic spiritual life would include our being grounded in social justice, committed towards global peace and solidarity, act through compassion and possess the higher principles of democracy and equality for all. 

This special and exclusive 5-audio CD collection presents Gary Null’s conversations with five of the most remarkable minds who have spent their lifetimes studying and experiencing a wide variety of psycho-spiritual and mystical paths. With our world in deep crisis, what can spirituality positively contribute? And what are some of the delineations that define an authentic spirituality that meets the challenges of our times from a spirituality that solely reinforces old myths and decaying institutions in power?

In addition, what does the birth of a new Spiritual Activism promise for a better future? These and other larger questions are explored in this series that will certainly prove enlightening and thought-provoking to listeners.  CD 1 Perceptions of the Sacred: Yesterday, Today and the Future Jim Garrison PhD, President of Ubiquity University and Founder of the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies  CD 2 Spirituality of Deception vs Spirituality of Awakening Andrew Harvey, international renowned religious scholar, author and activist; Author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism CD 3 Authentic Spiritual Values for the 21st Century Joan Borysenko MD, Co-Founder of Mind-Body Health Sciences; Author of Your Soul’s Compass: What is Spiritual Guidance  CD 4 The Origins of Social Dysfunction and the Emergence of a New Culture Ashok Gangadean PhD, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Haverford College, Author of Meditative Reason  CD 5 A Deep Dialogue on Sacred Activism Adam Bucko, Social Activist with the Homeless; Co-Author of Occupy Spirituality Rev Matthew Fox PhD, Renowned Theologian and Founder of Creation Spirituality.

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