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Webinar Recording: Positive Solutions for Today's Problems with Dr. Gary Null

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Positive Solutions for Today's Problems


Title: Positive Solutions for Today's Problems

When: Saturday, September 19th, 12:00 PM EDT


🕒 Schedule:

Part 1 - Documentary of brand new "Regaining Your Spiritual Authenticity"

Part 2 - Gary Null's lecture on Positive Solutions

Part 3 - Q&A (Prepare your questions!)



Developing a Positive and Resilient Attitude for the Times Ahead.

Our world has entered an era of unprecedented challenges, disastrous crises and social upheavals that are dramatically reshaping our personal lives, our cities and communities and our federal government and institutions. Already we are witnessing a tragic increase in people’s lives being upended, which is contributing to rising rates of physical and psychological distress and illness. The task before us to develop a healthy physical and mental resilience, and ability to spring back quickly in the face of uncontrollable forces. This requires developing a skill to remain positive about ourselves in order to carry on with our lives.

In this upcoming webinar, Gary Null will be addressing the attitudes and practices we need to adopt and develop to sustain our integrity and to thrive during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, economic collapse and unemployment, climate change, loss of healthcare, etc. Gary will give a lecture to be followed by questions from viewers.

Gary Null will host and lead a webinar to outline many of the opportunities before, including

✔︎ Attitudes & practices to have in our current climate

✔︎ Updates on economic advice including Covid-19 pandemic & uncertainty

✔︎ Engaging question & answer from participants

    The webinar took place on Saturday September 19 at 12 pm EDT (9 am PST).

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