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Webinar Recording: It's Not Your Fault You're Fat!

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During this webinar, health and nutrition expert Gary Null, Ph.D. explored the epidemic of obesity in America, and his unique approach to helping people not just to lose weight, but to become healthy in the process.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be easy.

America is the most overweight nation per population in the world. Why? With all the money spent on diets, on supplements, on personal trainers, on health books, why hasn’t this translated into a better quality of life?

Dr.Null was exploring weight issues, giving protocols on how to help yourself lose that weight safely and reach your ideal weight.
Also, conditions that frequently come with being overweight: high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heart conditions, and arthritis. 

Screening of Gary Null's documentary "Kiss Your Fat Goodbye. Get Fit Now" is included.


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