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Vitality Package

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Eye Care (60 tabs)

Eye Care is a nutritional supplement formulated specifically for the eyes. Eye Care contains powerful antioxidants associated with eye health, including alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, zeaxanthin and lutein, a carotenoid found to be highly concentrated in the macula of the eye. 

Glucosamine with Chondroitin & MSM (90 tabs)

Glucosamine is an amino acid sugar that naturally occurs and is synthesized in the body from L-glutamine and glucose. Glucosamine stimulates the manufacture of glycosaminoglycans, which are vital components of the cartilage that is necessary for healthy joints.

Prostate Care (60 V-caps)

A healthy prostate gland is crucial to physical well-being as men advance in age. Our Prostate Care formula brings together carefully selected phytonutrients and herbal supplements such as saw palmetto, stinging nettle, and lycopene that help support prostate health.




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