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#1 Super-Male Package

Product Description
Exciting thoughts and desire are crucial to creating the right mood and expectation.
May I also suggest as a compliment My Rock Hard Formula taken together with Men's Stuff.Our goal is for you to unleash your senses and experience your fantasies instead of just dreaming about it.
Gary Null, Ph.D


Men's Stuff (760g)

Men’s Stuff is a delicious chocolate flavored powder for any man, containing a proprietary blend of high potency herbs including yohimbe, horney goat weed, maca and ginseng, designed to support men’s health.

Men’s Stuff features
- Horney Goat Weed and Yohimbe, believed for centuries in the non-Western healing traditions to be pro-libido herbs.
- Adaptogenic herbs including ginseng, maca and schizandra. 
- Delicious chocolate flavor.


We’ve searched the globe for a special combination of powerful herbs used in traditional remedies to boost men’s libido. Our Rock Hard formula contains a proprietary blend of pro-libido herbs including yohimbe bark, epimedium, and ginkgo biloba.


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