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Saving The Planet: Digital Download

Product Description

Saving The Planet - One Bite At A Time

The Standard American Diet plays a major role in the current epidemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Just as the nation’s health crisis reaches disastrous proportions, it is quickly becoming clear that the harmful consequences of our food choices extend far beyond chronic disease. The methods of food production in use today have profound implications on the health of the planet. The rise of unsound agricultural practices such as factory farming and genetic engineering of our crops are pushing us to the brink of environmental calamity.

Saving The Planet - One Bite At A Time offers an in-depth analysis of how our (nation’s) eating habits are destroying our health and causing irreversible damage to the environment. Will we continue to turn a blind eye to the dangers of America’s food system or choose to take action and adopt a new paradigm based on sustainability and balance? What is for certain is that time is running out for us to take steps toward a sustainable future. This empowering film provides the knowledge needed for us to begin making a difference, one plate at a time.

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