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Suprema C - Cherry Chewable, 180 tabs

Product Description
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Vitamin C is necessary for the proper function of the immune system, building and repair of muscles and the production of collagen. Suprema C chewable tablets are a deliciously healthful way to enjoy the many benefits of this essential nutrient. Packed with 500 mg of vitamin C per serving, Suprema C tablets are crafted from pure vitamin C and combined with bioflavonoids to boost the body’s absorption.

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Selenium, Bioflavonoids.
Other Ingredients:  Fruit Sweetener, Ascorbic Acid, Vegetable Stearin, Cellulose, Cherry Flavor, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Sodium Selenite, Acerola, Magnesium Ascorbate, Manganese Ascorbate, Potassium Ascorbate, Zinc Ascorbate

• Kosher • Vegan

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