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Realistic Demands & Expectations DVD

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At a time when an increasing number of people are dealing with extreme uncertainties, when nothing is sound and secure, including jobs, health, relationships and finances, there seems to be nowhere to turn for relief. Many are seeing their life and their health implode. We are witnessing a spike in suicide, over-medication for health conditions, the disintegration of relationships, and the collapse of the working middle class and even much of the professional class. Historically, professional careers were relatively insulated. Now every job and career is fair game for loss. The rise in artificial intelligence and transhumanist inventions makes the situation even more precarious. We all know the problems but have little or no recourse to reliable solutions. 

This video dives deeply into these problems and provides guidance for what we can do to turn these trends around and become more self-empowered in the process.

Run Time: 56 min

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