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Perfect Pet, 480 g - Daily Nutritional Formula for Dogs + FREE Natural Pet Care DVD

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SPECIAL - $80 VALUE for $29.99!  FREE Natural Pet Care DVD with  Perfect Pet, 480 g - Daily Nutritional Formula for Dogs

What’s Inside? Marine trace minerals to optimize cardiovascular health and metabolism, omega fatty acids to improve skin, coat and brain health, antioxidants to promote healthy hips and joints, enzymes to boost digestive and immune health, antioxidants for overall health and vitality. 


Just sprinkle and mix Perfect Pet to your dog’s food once per day to bring their food to life!
(Add a little water to mix it into dry food.)

Dogs Weighing: Amount:

Up to 25 lbs 2 teaspoon

26 to 75 lbs 3 teaspoons

76 lbs + 4 teaspoons

Suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes & breeds.

Minerals  Enzymes  Antioxidants  Superfoods

Ingredients: Brewers Yeast, MCT, Chicken Flavor, Omega3, Organic Kelp, Calcium, Vitamin E Succinate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, MSM, Glucosamine, Digestive Enzyme Blend ( Cellulose, Amylase, Protease, Lipase), Magnesium Citrate, Chondroitin, Potassium Citrate, Niacin, Spirulina, Zinc. Lactospore®, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol).


FREE - Natural Pet Care DVD

You've learned about healthy choices for you and your family. Now, what about your pets? Did you know that the average life span of dogs and cats in America has declined significantly over the past 20 years? Could it be due in part to the food we've been feeding them or the vaccines they're given? The answers may surprise you.

Join Gary Null as he interviews the world's foremost holistic animal care experts about what causes diseases in animals and what cures them ... naturally. Find out about the best food for your pets



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