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Letting Go of Fear DVD

Product Description
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In this in-depth, original, self-empowerment film, Gary Null, PhD, addresses the critical issues that keep us stuck in fear and prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Leading philosophers and experts are interviewed on the origins and purposes of fear, and they tell us how we can best understand this fundamental emotion and make it work for us rather than against us.

Some of the questions that Null addresses are as follows: How do I sort through the opinions of other people in an objective manner? How do I keep others’ opinions from adversely affecting my self esteem?

How do I start to overcome my perceived limitations? What are some strategies to handle negative interactions? How can I avoid becoming selfish or self-centered while on the path to becoming self-actualized? How can I handle my stress better throughout the day? How can I develop the ability and courage to do what is right, regardless of what is going on around me?

Has fear prevented you from achieving all you can out of life? Please join us in watching this very important film, and learn how you can start Letting go of Fear. 

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