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How To Expand The Dimensions Of Your Life - 4-DVD Set

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How To Expand The Dimensions Of Your Life - 4-DVD Set

Many people are finding themselves in a crisis. They are over-stressed and burdened by angst and a sense of foreboding. Quite simply, modernity has entered uncharted waters. Many threatening issues are percolating simultaneously: climate change, environmental denigration, infrastructural collapse, loss of jobs due to automation, and military conflicts. Today, over two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000 to cover unexpected emergency needs. Faced with the aggression of cancel culture, identity politics, ideological hatred and belligerent tribalism, humanity's cherished values and moral decency are vanishing.

How did we get here?  How did so many cloud storms gather together at this particular historical moment, which now affect each of us.

To better understand these critical times, this four part series will unravel our human conundrum in order to bring us to greater clarity, a vibrant lucidity of mind, where we may objectively evaluate our options and the solutions at the individual, collective and societal levels. It is never too late to transform our lives. There is no stopwatch preventing us from repurposing ourselves and honoring our higher ideals and universal truths. We can do so by embracing our creativity, health, and a common sense intuitive intelligence to rediscover authentic happiness in ways previously unimaginable. The wisdom brought forth in these lectures will provide the tools to open the doors that each of us have yearned for to live a life of genuine well being. 

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