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Gary Null 3-Gal Ultra-Grav with Metalgon Emergency Gravity Water Filter

Product Description
Gary Null 3-Gal ULTRA-GRAV with METALGON Emergency Certified BPA Free! + $. handling fee, with 2 Filters Included! The Unit holds up to 5 Ceramic filters- more filters creates increased water capacity!

Message from Dr. Roy Speiser:

For Emergency Preparedness. Features: 3 Gallon Capacity 2 Ceramic Filters are Included: Produces 1/2 gallon of water per hour. (Note that one may add up to 3 additional filters. Each filter produces 1 additional quart of water per hour. Therefore, if one has the maximum capacity of 5 filters on the unit, one may expect 1.25 gallons of water per hour production.) The filters should be replaced every 6 months when used constantly. If one does not use the filters and saves the unit for emergencies, the filters will last until used. Extra filters can be added and are identical to the replacement filters seen on our site that are used for the Gravity Travel Filter. Applications: - Camping, Emergency Situations and everyday use where portable water is required. - The Gary Null Emergency Gravity Filter unit is designed for use where pressurized and/or suitable portable water is not available. - The Gary Null Emergency Gravity Filter uses gravity to filter the water from the upper chamber through (2) Ceramic filter(s) to supply clean, safe drinking water from most any water source, which is stored in the lower chamber ready for use. - The housing is manufactured from FDA approved, high density poly-propylene (HDPE)

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