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Whole House Water Filtration System

Product Description

Have high quality clean water available from every tap in your house. Adding the
Optional scale control unit protects plumbing and prevents deposits of hardness on
fixtures and glasses.
-Removes chlorine, taste, odors and organic chemicals
-Automated clack valve for easy backwashing
-Removes fluoride and numerous heavy metals
-simple installation
-optional dual treatment for whole house filtration and scale control
Here’s how it works:
Tank 1 uses 5 different filter materials.
(Catalytic Carbon, Coconut Shell Carbon, Sediment removing media, Anti-bacterial media and Heavy Metal removing media)
Stage 1 & 2 removes:
-Harmful chemicals- Chlorine, Chloramine and VOCs.
-Pesticides, Herbicides and Pharmaceuticals.
-Bad Taste and Odor
Stage 3 removes:
-Sediment as small as 5 microns
Stage 4 removes:
-Additional Chlorine and Heavy Metals.
-Inhibits bacterial growth
Stage 5 removes:
-Fluoride & numerous Heavy Metals.


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