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Digital Recording of Webinar: How to Help the Homeless (and keep from becoming one yourself)

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Unless you have a sizable egg’s nest hoarded away, more and more Americans will be slipping towards poverty.  Last October, a new reevaluation of poverty figures calculated that 100 million Americans in poverty were unaccounted for in the latest census, despite the government’s claims that poverty has decreased to 11.8 percent (only accounting for 38 percent).  Yet when 40 percent of all Americans surveyed stated they could not scrape up $400 in the event of an emergency, our entire perception of poverty and the means to measure needs to be reassessed.

During a special webinar scheduled for Saturday, January 4th, Dr. Gary Null will be sharing the evidence of the nation’s downward socio-economic trends.  Poverty is becoming a new norm and will only be absent in gated-communities.  As more of our neighbors sink into poverty, what should be the new ethic people ought to embrace to help relieve growing suffering?  What are the causes for poverty trends and how can each of us serve as a catalyst to reverse this trend?  Now more than ever the old axiom to do unto others as we wish to have done to ourselves has never been more of a humanitarian commandment for the new era.

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