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Curing The Incurable Package (New Book + DVD)

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219 Recipes Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw Recipes

544 pages

Diet Prevents and Cures Inflammatory Diseases

Dr. Gary Null’s exciting new cookbook is an important offering that comes to us at a critical time in our human history. As I have written extensively in my own publications, we as a nation are facing unprecedented, widespread disease that is, quite frankly, shocking for our relative affluence and accomplishment compared to other nations around the globe.

These amazing recipes will help you:

  • Live longer by dieting smarter
  • Create a thriving, healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoy and understand the benefits of juicing

Curing the incurable by Gary Null PH.D

Today, Americans are increasingly educating ourselves about the profound relationship between the foods we eat and the state of ow- health. We are also becoming aware of the health risks associated with the consumption of genetically engineered foods and industrial herbicides and pesticides. Consequently, we are taking charge of ow- health, eating organically-grown produce and turning away from conventional medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. The old adage, "Let thy food be thy medicine; is gaining popularity again.

Curing the Incurable DVD

Acclaimed natural health and nutrition expert Gary Null, in his newest  film, interviews medical experts, doctors, nurses, and psychologists, who are using new techniques, cutting edge science,  along with breakthrough methods, 
to restore people to 
optimal health. 

Where conventional medicine leaves off, a holistic approach has shown a new light on health and wellness. People around the globe, who follow the standard American diet, are suffering from a myriad of diseases, but by adapting a plant based diet, exercise program, stress reduction, meditation, and clearing their mind of negative thinking, have achieved dramatic results. 

One can find harmony and peace, in body, mind and spirit, by understanding the underlying causes of illness, which is essential to overcoming the potentially destructive nature of disease.

Follow some of the world's leading experts, who will guide you through these techniques, and learn about new lifestyle changes, that will dramatically improve your life.

Featured Guests:
Maurice Bales, PhD, Christopher Calapai, DO, Rabbi Gabriel Cousins MD, Joel Fuhrman MD, Henry Grayson, PhD, Michael Greger MD, Andrew Harvey PhD, Raphael Kellman, MD, Bruce Lipton. PhD, Mario E. Martinez, PhD, John McDougall, PhD, Dean Ornish, MD, Luanne Penesse, RN, Len Saputo, MD



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