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Anger: Taming The Beast Within DVD

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Am I normal when I feel negative emotions? What can I do to tame my inner beast? In this in-depth, original film, we learn that negative emotions are within us for specific reasons; Gary Null and his panel of carefully selected experts explain why these emotions are important, and how we can start to express them in a healthy way, not in a destructive one.

In this self-empowerment film, we learn how to answer the following difficult questions for ourselves: What happens if I hold on to my unexpressed anger? What are my personal triggers, and how do I stop myself from expressing anger in a way that hurts others? How do I manage road rage? How do I begin to comprehend frightening uncertainties like terrorism and natural disasters? How should I interact with rude people? How do I normalize my emotions and ground myself? How do I keep from absorbing other people’s negative energy-their anger, frustration, and resentment?

Please join us in watching this enlightening film, as Gary Null teaches us about Taming the Beast  Within.

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