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The New Healthy Woman

Gary Null's breakthrough program for women helps women help themselves in body, mind and spirit. It shows comprehensive protocols for healthy living. In dramatic and uplifting overviews and animations, Gary, along with expert guests, covers a wide variety of health topics specifically related to women, including:

  • Women's medical conditions, such as heart disease, menopause, breast cancer and osteoporosis.
  • The myth of beauty, PMS, stress management
  • Dieting, eating disorders and anorexia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Cosmetics/cosmetic surgery
  • Being whole: psychologically, spiritually and medically
  • Self worth
  • Discovering the sacred in your life

Executive Producers Bob Marty, Gary Null Director Gary Null
Producers Valerie Van Cleve, Elaine C. Werner
Editors Valerie Van Cleve, Zoran Jevremov, Steve Long
Online Editor Laura Young

This special gives cutting edge health information and methodologies that will dramatically improve the quality of your life.



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