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Create Your Natural Flu Antidote

Stay healthy during this FLU season, when it seems that all odds are against you!

Create Your Natural Flu Antidote

That consists of healthy life style combined with food and supplements that generate natural energy in your body and boost your Immune System


Support your Immune System with

  • Good night sleep
  • Healthy vegan diet with lot's of nuts and seeds free of sugar and coffee
  • Take supplements that generate natural energy: Vitamins D, B-complex, C, E, CoQ10


Immune Stuff, 14oz (400g)

Immune Stuff, 14oz (400g)

$57.99   $82.99

Mushrooms have long been used in folk remedies to support physical well-being. Immune Stuff offers a health-boosting blend of reishi, maitake, shiitake, and agaricus blazei mushrooms. Our formula is enhanced by the addition of antioxidant rich fruits and berries including acai, mango, goji berry and strawberry.

sku: I-903422
Suprema C - Strawberry, 24oz Powder

Suprema C - Strawberry, 24oz Powder

$47.99   $59.99

Vitamin C is necessary for the proper function of the immune system as well as the building and repair of muscles and production of collagen. Suprema C strawberry powder is a deliciously healthful way to enjoy the many benefits of this essential nutrient. Packed with 625 mg of vitamin C per serving, this product is crafted from pure vitamin C and combined with bioflavonoids to boost the body’s absorption.

sku: S-903293


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