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Webinar Recording with Dr. Gary Null: Managing Pain Naturally

Product Description

Managing Pain Naturally


Title: Managing Pain Naturally


🕒 Schedule:

Part 1 - Gary Null's detailed lecture

Part 2 - Documentary streaming

Part 3 - Q&A



Pain: Dealing with it naturally.

Every day millions of people start or end their day with some condition of chronic pain. It might musculoskeletal, arthritic, due to a previous injury, mental, etc. Although conventional medicine more often than not prescribes medications and painkillers, these simply mask the symptom and contribute nothing towards getting at pain's underlying causes.

During the webinar, Gary will be sharing natural approaches for pain relief and treatment. For many types of pain there is an underlying layer of stress. Reducing or even eradicating stress can relieve pain for many people. But there are also other treatments, such as acupuncture, psycho-somatic therapies, nutrition, supplements and botanical medicines. Gary will share some of these and will screen his documentary film "Pain: A Natural Approach." The event will conclude with Gary taking questions for webinar viewers.

Gary Null will host and lead a webinar to outline many of the topics aforementioned, including

✔︎ Chronic pain & the correct natural approach

✔︎ Myriad of treatments such as acupuncturenutrition

✔︎ Engaging question & answer from participants

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