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Webinar RECORDING: "Overcoming Loneliness, Depression & Anxiety Naturally" - from Sunday November 21st

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"Overcoming Loneliness, Depression & Anxiety Naturally"

from Sunday, November 21st 

The emotional obscuration of loneliness has been proven to have a detrimental toll on physical, mental and spiritual health.  In addition, the longer we identify with loneliness and it's causes, it's adverse effects are compounded during the passage of years.

There is an enormous body of medical literature confirming loneliness's causal relationship with depression, anxiety, earlier traumas, social conditioning, and more recently with the pandemic efforts to isolate citizens from each other.  The greater consequence has been that we are becoming increasingly cut off from the energy of life and our own life's deeper purpose and meaning.

However, there are ways to get past these obstacles, largely of our own mental creation, and to eradicate the sense of loneliness and it's causes. 

In this presentation, the fundamental basics of loneliness to increase our understanding will be provided along with the positive attitudes and methods to break through its chains in order to live life more fully. 


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