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Suprema Reboot Health Special - Suprema C Extra Caps with Book and DVD

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Suprema C Extra, 240 Caps

with FREE Book "Reboot Your Brain" and FREE DVD "How To Add Healthy Years To Your Life"

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With natural ascorbates from acerola and amla berries, fat-soluble vitamin C and a synergistic combination of bioflavonoids and phytonutrient-rich red fruits, Suprema C Extra is one of the most advanced and complete vitamin C products available today.


Reboot Your Brain: Diet and Lifestyle Techniques to Improve Your Memory and Ward Off Disease [BOOK]

by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Bestselling author Gary Null shows you how to rejuvenate every cell of your body for optimum mental health.

The culmination of thirty-five years of research in anti-aging sciences, this book shows how Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, memory loss, depression, anxiety, dementia, and other mental conditions can be reversed without drugs. Gary Null describes each condition and prescribes the appropriate mix of diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional supplements to restore maximum mental health. Did you know that caffeine can contribute to depression? Or that zinc, taken in the right dosage, can diminish tremors from Parkinson’s? Null describes homeopathic and herbal remedies, supplements, and recipes that are beneficial for each specific condition, giving advice that is groundbreaking and yet simple enough to be adopted by anyone.


How To Add Healthy Years To Your Life [DVD]

We usually consider aging as a natural, inevitable and irreversible process. For the vast majority of people this is true. Modern medicine also considers heart disease, diabetes, dementia and memory loss and other illnesses as normal biological processes. However, Gary challenges these assumptions. 

Having completed the first in-depth clinical study relying upon lifestyle changes, behavior modification, a plant based diet, juicing and supplements, stress reduction techniques and time spent in nature, this protocol was found to be beneficial in changing participants' biological markers. This indicates that we are able to slow down the aging process. As important as each of these were, however, the single most important factor was changing our world 
views and our perceptions about ourselves. 

During this hour lecture, Gary outlines and describes every step necessary for turning back the aging clock.

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