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Happiness Package (SupremaC Cherry Chewables, Organic Dark Chocolate & Happiness DVD)

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SupremaC Cherry Chewables

Vitamin C is necessary for the proper function of the immune system as well as the building and repair of muscles and production of collagen. Suprema C cherry chewables is a deliciously healthful way to enjoy the many benefits of this essential nutrient. Packed with 500 mg of vitamin C per serving, this product is crafted from pure vitamin C and combined with bioflavonoids and mineral ascorbates to boost the body’s absorption.

Organic Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

A decadent yet healthful treat, our Dark Chocolate Bar contains premium organic cocoa beans rich in antioxidants. Unlike many other chocolate bars that contain refined sugar, our formula uses nutrient-dense organic coconut sugar. This mouthwatering bar comes in a delicious organic mint flavor.

Happiness DVD

In our latest one hour presentation, Gary Null, Ph.D. and the world's leading psychological and spiritual experts will show you how to navigate the troubling changes that our world is facing and how to be truly happy in an unhappy world. Guest experts include: Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Henry Grayson, Mitchell Jay Rabin MA, Lama Surya Das, Dr. Laura Berman, Debbie Ford, and many others. This dynamic program will give you the tools you need to live a richer, happier, healthier life. 



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