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The Journey to Health & Happiness DVD

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The Journey to Health & Happiness

Acclaimed natural health and nutrition expert Gary Null, PhD gives you the keys to a happier and healthier life.

How can we change our life from one that is unfulfilled, to one that is full of abundance health and happiness? Countless people want to change but they are unable to break old habits, which keep them locked in negative patterns. Gary Null, along with 9 leading philosophers and experts, help viewers to identify these patterns and to break free from limiting conditioning. This program guides you to make positive choices and create the life you desire.

Message from Dr. Gary Null:

This powerful tool which will help you to live a more complete life, full of joy, love, respect, confidence, peace, compassion, harmony, health and happiness.

Hosted by Gary Null

Featured guests: Loch Kelly, Henry Grayson PhD, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Bruce Lipton PhD, Mark Nepo, Judith Orloff MD, Robert Thurman PhD, Brenda Shoshanna PhD

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