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Art of Healthy Cooking DVD

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David Bouley is considered one of the finest chefs, in both America and Japan.  He not only imagines what food can be like to excite the palette but also to nourish us at the highest levels. 

Chef Bouley along with Gary Null takes us shopping at the Union Street Farmers market, in New York City, meeting with the farmers and growers along the way, as we learn how to buy with the season, to look for the best ingredients and to demand quality. 

David’s wife, Nicole Bartelme, gives a tour of the delightful and elegant restaurant, Bouley, where David’s food is showcased daily.  She and David, along with several artists designed the location, importing much of the stone, woodwork and artifacts from France. 

Chef Bouley demonstrates simple techniques that can be done at home.  He prepares several healthy, nutritious gourmet dishes.  He shares the secret of his stock bases, tomato water, thickening agents, like agar, reduced onions, celery and fennel.  The importance of using healthy oils and many ideals he has learned from his 14 Year study of Japanese cooking are revealed, as he teaches about an ancient, impeccable artisanal form of cooking.  

You will not want to miss the inspiring information contained in this video.  The secrets behind one of the most popular restaurants in New York City. 

Eating is celebration and most Americans are unaware.  It’s time you join the celebration and begin making amazing new dishes for you, your friends and family.

Chef Bouley guarantees the experience will make you truly happy. 

The Art of Healthy Cooking with Chef David Bouley. UPC: 787262902654 


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