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Ceramic / Alkalizing Water Filter - CounterTop

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NEW! Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter
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FOR JUST $349.00!!

We are already aware of the toxic contaminants in municipal drinking water including chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, parasites and traces of pharmaceuticals.

In addition to these contaminants, almost all municipal water is acidic because they add chlorine which breaks down to weak hydrochloric acid. Also, many source waters do not contain a lot of normal minerals and are usually acidic with a low pH.

Now with the new Gary Null Ceramic/Alkaline Water Filter your drinking water is not only purified it is infused with alkalizing minerals that restore the pH balance and add healthy minerals.

The new Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter offers all the advantages of the Basic Gary Null 4 stage filter plus it will make your drinking water more alkaline.

When you compare the new Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter to alkalizing machines that are available on the market the Gary Null Filter has numerous advantages.

1. First, the new Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter can make alkaline water at a fraction of the cost of an alkalizing machine which cost over $1,000 and even as high as $4,000.

2. In addition, the ceramic filter element inside the Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter is certified to remove parasites, chlorine, lead, turbidity and particulates, bad taste and odor. Also, extensive testing has been performed on the ceramic filter by independent labs to USEPA protocol for testing microbiological filters and has passed. In addition, the University of Arizona and The Water Research Council in England have tested the ceramic filter for parasite reduction and found greater than 99.99% of parasites were reduced by the Ceramic Filter.

3. Alkaline machines on the other hand are not considered filters and do not have enough filtration to remove these toxic contaminants.

4. Another advantage of the Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter is that you have a unique cleanable ceramic filter so that when it traps particles and dirt and the flow rate slows down, it can be cleaned. This prolongs filter life.

So in addition to producing highly purified drinking water – the new Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter infuses alkalizing minerals into the your drinking water which has many benefits including raising the mineral content and pH range to help rebalance an acidic system and improve cellular physiology and resistance.

All in all the new Gary Null Ceramic/Alkalizing Water Filter is a new water filtration technology that provides great value, large quantities of highly purified remineralized water for all your drinking and cooking requirements. I highly recommend this filtration system to everyone.

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